Amber Lake

Spent part of a beautiful Sunday at Amber Lake.
There were only about a dozen anglers there. I thought there would be more as there was a blurb in the local paper about how good the fishing was there.
I haven't been there since early spring and the lake levels were still up, much higher than previous years.
Fished really deep with a type 6 sinking and green/olive buggers and damsel patterns. Caught 3 fish one in the 18-20" range a pretty dark hard fighting rainbow. I was encouraged to see hundreds of fish in the 10" range in the lake they were jumping like crazy during a callibeatis hatch, next years bruisers in the making.
This is a great time to fish in Eastern Washington, I am glad I made time to get to one of the local lakes.

jesse clark


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I fished it Saturday morning,had a few tugs,and then all of the sudden it went crazy at about 9am, brought 10 to the net and lost double that(damn barbless hooks!),and then it went dead about noon.Caught all on a damsel nymph and type 7 line.All were 17-19".Fun, hard fightin fish.One bent the crap out of the hook even.
I used to fish Amber when I was in college. My buddy and I would rent a boat from an old lady that lived on the lake. The boats were wood and by the end of the fishing your feet would be soaking wet. We had great times fishing that lake.

I need to get back up there.