New C&R shotshells


Idiot Savant
It's only fitting that my 3000th post should announce an exciting breakthrough in bird hunting ammunition.

After years of testing and field trials, we are proud to present BARBLESS SHOTSHELLS. Yes, catch and release bird hunting is now a reality. Shells come in a variety of shot sizes, 2 through 7 1/2. We even have 2 1/2 inch low pressure shells for those vintage side by sides. With your first box we even provide a chrome plated removal tool, and for a small additional charge you can have up to 12 letters engraved on your tool. Presentation sterling silver removal tools will be arriving from factories in the Georgian Republic as soon as the fighting settles down.

Don't let this exciting opportunity pass you by, order today!

Please note, these shells are approved by the WDFW for use in most GMU's, including the Metropolitan Seattle and Greater King County areas for dove, pigeon, and seagulls.

We are also working closely with PETA and HSOA to get their approval.

Stay tuned for further announcements...:thumb:

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