2 redington cd 5/6 spools with line

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2 black cd 5/6 spools. one is loaded with rio mainstream wf5 with a type 3 10-12 foot sinktip. the second has cortland precision trout wf5 intermediate clear camo. both very lightly used. all reasonable offers considered.

Ed Call

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JP66, John Paine is right on target. I did happen to buy the last closeout 5/6 at a local store and spool up my last remaining 5wt line though. I also got a 7/8. I think that sets me with all the spools I needed for lines that were laying around my garage. I'll check back though as I'm sure if they are still around I will decide that I have to have them.
im not in a big hurry to get rid of them i just dont need them because im going with a 4 weight for trout now after learning on a 5. and i have a 6 for lake fishing now. anybody have a favorite 4 weight reel? light weight but really tough.
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