Methow River to close Sept. 18 to all fishing


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Josh, I was headed up there too this weekend so while I'm disappointed for me, I'm happy for the steelhead. However, there are plenty of other places to fish in the Winthrop area. I may still head up there or go somewhere else but in any case, I'll be fishing this weekend just not on the Methow.
Aren't you the one in support of more WDFW officers to enforce regulations and isn't targeting steelhead in the off season illegal? I'd think that you would support the protection of steelehad in the Methow.

No one called a "witch hunt" or even stated the guides name before you posted.

Shit happens and you can't control what goes after your fly, but if you're purposely targeting steelhead then you're in the wrong.

I know nobody called a witch hunt. It was over the top tongue in cheek humor because I got a wiff of where this thread was headed.

I just get tired of anglers blaiming everyone else (like Dickson) but themselves.

IMO, if you all really want to split hairs, point fingers, insult other fishermen, and act holier than thou about steelhead, you shouldn't be fishing in any river that has them period.


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Look at the bright side of this whole thing, people. There are a lot of steelhead in the system this year.The Methow will be open in a few weeks for steelhead fishing, and WDFW did the right thing. :beer2:


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I'm also glad to see this, especially after seeing the following on a local guide's webpage:

"Me? I take off for the Methow Valley again to chase the big Westslope Cutties again, but this time we will spend half our time skating Crystal Caddis for you-know-who. So very perfect. The Met is really low right now, so we will have to choose our waters carefully."

Legal? Ethical? What do you think?
Legal? No
Ethical? Nope

An easy way to drum up some visitors to your website, a few of which might convert into new clients? Seem to be the case. Every six months or so you can count on something controversial from that report page, whether its unlicensed guiding in off-limits areas or stealing photos and playing them off as your own, so I have a hard time believing it's unintentional.
Jason I think I agree with you about what you are trying to say, we are all responseable. But... I think that if anyone posted a report on this page about how they were targeting steelhead on closed waters that they would be tore a new one. I have also read your posts about frustrations with people that dont follow the rules, so I guess I dont really know why we should treat a guide any differently.


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I've never met Dickson though I have heard he's a nice guy in person.

However, there always seems to be some shit going on with his website. And where there is enough smoke, you are likely to find fire. That kind of junk tires me out. Low class.

But yes, obviously stuff like this is everyone's problem. But anyone who is stupid enough to publicly claim that they are going after fish they shouldn't be targeting deserves all the crap they get.
maybe they should not allow guiding? i did not know the river was open to steelhead? or is it supposed to be closed? maybe they should open it on tues., wed., and thurs. and not every day? mike w

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First and foremost, I want to say to Mr. Root, "I feel your pain". To everyone who has been targetting Steelhead over there and has cost Josh a chance at some outside fun, I hate all of you! It is extremely important that Mr. Root (along with all other new dads) be able to enjoy the outdoors and you have ruined it.

I also noticed the reference to skating caddis on the guide's site. Let's remember here, that a guide is getting paid. I think that if you are licensed and make your living of a resource owned by the state (everyone) then you gotta follw the rules. To advertise fishing for steelhead in waters closed for them is either balsy or stupid. I am not sure which.

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That guide's post pissed me off too. Flagrant disregard by a so-called "biologist" and "conservationist". That post alone probably sent at least 500 sheep straight out of Bellevue straight over here to chase steelhead illegally. I took him off my bookmarks and out of my monday morning ritual.
okay, i have reread all the posts and i kinda got the drift. could someone pm me the name of the guide in question. i hope the methow does open later this year. to bad there is a system that limits the number of fishers on the river. mike w

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Appears to be "incidental catch of wild steel head". The WDFW should book a trip nect fall and see if the guide will target steelhead. If so pull his license. If this is on their web site and public info you should post wheo it is or email wdfw.

wdfw going after illegal guiding


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