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seattle or kitsap co happy hour anyone?

Seattle, Georgetown to be precise of the local as originally stated by Alpine and Stonefish. My fav's include 9 lb hammer, smarty pants, or if we want to make it a venue that can include any age we could meet at Stellar pizza.

Zen, 2.25 for a beer is posh, I remember the .79 Big Bear ptyd


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Rainier is now owned by..................Pabst! :beathead:

Here's a way to avoid inserting NFR into posts like this: ....Home of: Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale, Trout Stout, Mudshark Porter, Thornton Creek E.S.B., etc

Disclaimer: They also Brew Puget Soundkeeper Clean Water Ale, which benefits the nonprofit that I work for and helps protect water quality in Puget Sound. Thanks Guys! :beer2:
i'm a big supporter of local beer. after having beer from a large majority of our area breweries, i think Ellersick Brewing in Lynnwood trumps all. yummmmmmmmm
seattle or kitsap co happy hour anyone?
I'd be in. I need to get down and see Jim at FethaStyx. It would have to be in mid October though as my ass is currently being handed to me in the home moving process.

What about Fall City? The Little Saloon there on the corner. That place is cool and they have Wildcat IPA on tap.



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I held all of you in such high esteem, only to learn that so many are still drinking macro brew. Which is probably OK if you're still in high school or college. However, graduating requires . . . well, graduating.