Squalicum Lake


fisher is actually my name...
I had a rare opportunity to fish Squalicum lake on Tuesday morning from about 8:30 to noon. Sun was up, water was calm, a few random fish working the surface. Fished amongst the weeds and against the lilly pads on the east edge of the lake for about 2 hours with a water boatman pattern and had one nice pull and landed one nice triploid running about 17" (pretty lethargic on the fight despite cooling water temperatures). Otherwise landed 2 other small cutts on a Carey's special fished near structure close to the surface. Weed growth has really limited where can fish and/or land a fish. Typical nice lake experience with geese, frogs, and plenty of peace.

I'm curious to know if anyone has regularly caught any Tiger trout from this lake. I spoke with the local WSDF rep last year who said that the tigers were getting outcompeted by the cutts in the lake. I would love to catch one, but don't know of any other close west-side lakes that have Tiger populations.