Lone Lake

id give it a go typically the island weather is much milder. as soon as my new tube arrives ill be out and about but youll probably find me at pass.

check it out and report back. tight lines :beer2:
The lake has a lot of algea in it. I have fished it for years and have never seen this type of long stringy stuff before. I trolled for an hour 1/2 and hooked into 7. Landed only three and lost three because I was letting my 2 yr old reel in the fish. Wait if month or so. Should get better.

I'll answer my own question.

I fished it on Tuesday and I consider it virtually unfishable. As noted, there is this stringy, green junk everywhere. It is fine, almost like fine grass clippings and quite thick. It quickly fouls any fly. I even tried hanging chironomids to keep from fouling but had no luck.

That said, there is a good chironmid hatch and fish were feeding. I agree, wait a month. We need some colder weather to kill off the growth.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the algae growth has something to do with the grass carp the Dept. put in the lake last year. When we introduced grass carp in our waters, our algae growth exploded. Part of the reason for that is the carp are selective feeders, they don't eat all the vegetation many people think they do. The carp will upset the veggie balance in stillwater and if there is a propensity for algae, it will become much worse.
That has been our experience.
I fished Lone Sat 27th. It is still kind of ugly with a lot of algae. No luck with chironomids but I released one with a purple bugger and five sight casting a midge emerger. The fish are still in the water! :thumb:
The water looked real good from what I could see from the boat ramp. The nights have been getting cold the last couple weeks so it's most likely gone for the season.
I fished Lone last Sunday, the bloom is pretty much gone. I released seven fish and missed a few. There were about 8 others fishing. Whose idea was it to pave the road and the parking lot? That crap drained into the lake, now they put sand on top of it. Did they originally pave it to keep the dust down? Now when the wind blows, the sand will make the dust and the oil will drain into the lake. :confused: :beathead:
Wow - i guess I haven't been there in a few months. I didn't even realize this occured (the paving).

I wonder why that "improvement" was put into place. I can't imagine any of the locals or the fisherman complaining about parking in dirt (or mud when its rainy).

Dale Dennis

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Island County Parks is responsible for maintaining the park and the ramp, I’m guessing it was an attempt to make it easier and less expensive to maintain sense it gets a lot of attention now. I know the concrete bathroom was a great improvement and they’re far from cheap.

Jeff Dodd

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More improvement is on the way, including ramp upgrades but nothing drastic that i have read about. Maybe a kids play area, some swimming improvement and picnic areas.

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