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The post office mis-delivered a four piece Sage travel rod to our house around Sept 7. If you can give me more specifics, it is yours! We believe the label on the box our daughter shipped home from Spain was swapped with the label on the Sage rod at the Seattle post office, and that the individual who shipped the rod might have received our daughter's box. The box had a picture of a box fan on it and was labeled "Ventilador" (fan in Spanish). The box contained several dresses, several pairs of dress shoes, possibly two bottles of ice wine, brand new matching Intimissimi undergarments purchased in Italy for a large-breasted young woman (stop snickering guys) and Venetian stationery, as well as other souvenirs, valued in excess of 500 euros. So, if you have received a strange box in the mail with your own shipping label on it, please contact me (

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Thanks. I did that last week. Not registered, although I left my name and number in case the owner thinks of it later. It could have been an ebay item, in which case my daughter's box is enroute back to the seller. The post office has been absolutely useless; even the postal employees don't have the correct phone numbers to call the nation-wide reclamation centers. If there are any national fly fishing websites that have lost and found classifieds, please let me know.

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Just out of curiosity, where in Spain? I lived/worked there for 6 wonderful years of my life and have often considered returning. Good luck getting it all sorted out.


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I am trying to track down a sage rod sent mailed up there right around then (insured, and delivery confirmation recorded, but where it is, sage doesn't know yet - they are "researching"). I will send you the serial number and description by e-mail.

Look forward to your reply.

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Granada.....learning Spanish for 2 months
One of the finest larger cities in Spain in my opinion. Incredibly beautiful, historic and also close to Europe's southern most snow resort. I traveled through there constantly during snow season to the mountains and the rest of the year to enjoy the sights. I hope the trip is great and the travel safe!