12' metal boat with motor & more...

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A great little boat with no leaks!

Comes with Minn Kota trolling motor (36 lbs. thrust 5 speed), oars, two seats, custom plywood decking (removable), two life jackets and battery. It's very lightweight and I slide it into the back of my Chevy Silverado pick-up by myself. It fits perfectly in the back of the truck and the bow sticks out about 2-3 feet from the back with the tailgate down .The width at the top rails in the mid section of the boat is 52" then tapers down to 40" at the floor. I am hesitant to guess at the weight, but it is extremely easy for me to load in the truck, then offload and flip upside down for storage on sawhorses when not in use.You can see my truck in one of the photos. It has 2 built in handles on the back. There is no brand name on the boat, but I am guessing it is probably a Sears boat.
I am asking $300.00
Gig Harbor (253) 851-2551


hey can you stand up in this boat, are you willing to meet half way I am located in everett, and pretty interested may be able to pick up this weekened
Yes, I built custom fit plywood decking so I could stand and cast. It works great and also keeps the line around your feet on the strip clear from tangling on anything.
I use it on lakes and in the sound. Perfect for fishing for cutts off the beach, or casting for bass/trout in the lakes.
Give me a call and we can talk about meeting somewhere.
This is a great boat for fishing at alpine lakes too.
Just slide it into the back of the truck & go!
It is very easy for one person to manage and is also capable of carrying 3 passengers, but is perfect for 2 guys and a cooler on a camping trip.
The seats are comfy and the motor works like a champ.
I have fished out of it for brookies on Leech & Dog lake and just had it out last week on Hood Canal and caught some beautiful cutts:thumb:
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