Winter Lake fishing

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Well, I just got back from a favorite little lake in the low elevation Cascades, and had a blast with wooley buggers, a bunny matuka streamer, and some chironomids. It was only me, a couple of hawks, a pair of buffleheads, and the fish.

What I am wondering is if there are any serious lake floggers like myself that would like to head out for forays into the open lakes of the Puget Sound trough this winter to practice our chironomid techniques.

I have a canoe and a 4WD that can get us many places. I also have hear about some little known possibilities for fly fishing on the bigger lakes, during spawning runs and the like, so it would be nice to know someone with a bigger boat.

But seriously, if there are any lake fishers that would like to hook up, let me know.

what would you recommend for sea runs passing thru a lake to get to the stream that flows into it to spawn. lots of big fish 17-20 inches and some nice rainbows too. never had much luck fly fishing probably fishing like i was out in the sound thou. take trolled gear thou but want to fly fish for them thou its a shallow bigger lake where i know where they concentrate i have had some pretty tremendous days here was in washington fishing and hunting news a while back for a couple of 22 inchers i caught and kept:-( . but what would be a good way of catching them on fly thanks. Ben

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Try the mouth of the river or stream where it leaves the lake, especially before the run starts, as the fish will mass up.

Other vulnerable times for trout in big lakes are during the out migration of salmon and steelhead parr and smolts.

These are the areas that I would like to FF on lakes Washington and Sammamish this winter and spring.
what paterns would you recomend for this anything brite or wooley buggers of the sort, never had much luck fly fishing in fresh water. thanks Ben

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
for SRCs, I would suggest any of the normal attractors. I really like the reverse spider pattern in black.

For trout, I would use streamers fished along the delta of the stream or river where the out-migrants are coming from. Studies show that the trout hold in deeper water at the edge of the delta, surprising the young fish.


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Rob - sounds like fun. I was trying to decide what to do next after the big fish are through in the rivers. Have a 4WD and belly boat(s) but am giving serious thought to a 12 - 14' boat this winter. Give me a call(425-822-2577) I'm generally free on weekends and can get out during the week if I'm not fighting fires around the office. Bart