A nose for trouble

Just got back from a trip to Douglas Lake Ranch. We were catching 18-21 inch Kamploops at Crater Lake with #12 weighted chironomids suspended on 6 feet of 5X flourocarbon off #8 Olive Sedges. Some fish wanted the dry fly and some fish the chironomid. We would drift the shoals looking for fish in the water which was extremely clear. I was rowing and it was windy and my partner got sloppy with his backcast and ouch! Olive sedge to the nose. I has to cut the hook and back the point out with a forceps.

Always wear sunglasses when you fish. I've seen two people who hooked their eyelids.



Scott Willison
Ouch! At least you got a priceless picture out of the deal. Once in college I hooked my buddy in the "scalp meat" as he referred to it with a size #20 Adams. I had borrowed the fly from him and he had forgotten to debarb it. There we were, scrunched in a leaky sevylor raft at dusk, me poking and proding the tangle of hair and skin where the fly had lodged with nippers, forceps, a flashlight in my teeth and all the precision of a drunken surgeon. It finally popped out (just for fun I told him the rusted point had broken off in his scalp). Karma came full circle several years later at Neah Bay when a guy a was fishing with (much less of a friend than an acquaintence) slammed a 2/0 clouser between my shoulder blades with his raging T-300 and clumsy double haul. I ended up with a massive bruise bruise and bloody hook hole through 2 layers of fleece and a goretex! The worst infliction I ever witnessed was a picture in some Montana fly shop of a guy who had hooked himself in the eyeball with a #16 zug bug. x(


Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
It really is amazing how much meat a little hook can hold.
Yes, glasses are a must...and crushed barbs too.

I wonder if the WDF&W Wardens up at Rocky Ford are going to be doing this to test your barbless hooks.
Thank goodness I didn't have to dehook in a raft by flashlight.

An argument of fishing barbless hooks is that they come out easier. I had a hard time backing the hook out and I couldn't push the point through because it has in the cartilege of my nose. Was too lazy to file the barb. Barbless is the law in BC now.


Piscatorial predilection
Tell you one thing, I've seen people down around Pioneer Square that put worse than that in their nose (and many other places) on purpose!

This gives a whole new slant on the phrase "nose candy!"

When I was 16 I performed riverside surgery on a #12 barbed dry fly hooked in my friends' upper lid. I couldn't back it out so I actually snipped the eye of the hook, disassembled the fly and tried to advance it forward. Couldn't make myself do that either so he wore it home and pulled it through himself.
Funniest one was recently when a friend was biting off his fly and managed to hook himself in the tongue. Popped it out with the loop of leader technique. He'll never live it down. (Didn't fight worth a damn either--lucky for him I'm C and R)
considering the times we live in, i think i would have worn it for a week or 2 and seen if i could have started a new trend/fad. i'm sure fly tiers would love to broaden their market. could you imagine what some nice steelhead or salmon flies would look like?
The olive sedge was much too bushy for nose wear. A Blue Charm or March Brown tied sparse on an Alec Jackson or Partidge low water hook would have been better.

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