any students need trout hooks?

I have some hooks in my tying box that I will never get around to using. About 100 hooks per box of Mustad Viking #94842 up eye in sizes 16, 18 & 20, and Mustad Sproat 3906 down eye in size 18. Getting too old to fish flies that small never mind tie them:(.

Must be full time student in school or college. Honor system:). PM your name and address and I'll mail them out. Please post response with "PM sent" so others know the hooks are spoken for.

Hey Skeena its been awhile. I haven't seen the hooks show up on the mail. Did you send them US Postal Service or by Fedex/UPS? Sometimes Fedex and UPS forget to put a sticker on my door that a package will be delivered.
Sent them to both of you via US post, first class, Thursday Oct 9th, mailed directly from the Covington WA post office. Should be in a small "photo mailer" package. I put my return address on them and so far they haven't been returned. Hope they show up.

Skeena the hooks came in afternoon's mail. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Feel free to email me when you need a dozen or so "eastern flies". Yeah, we tie 'em a bit smaller out here! A #18 is big fly on some streams here!

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