walter... and the F bombs that insued

Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
Time heals all wounds! We've all been there man! :beathead: for awhile, then get back in the saddle... and go stick that bitch's big brother !!! :thumb:
this thread should die. as should that fish. i hope that bitch chokes on a perch, washes up on shore and a misfit 14 year old blows it up with a bottle rocket. son of a bitch.
It's alright Sean. Everything's gonna be ok. Get it all out. Go with your anger. Share your feelings with the group. Until you deal with it fully and head on you won't be ready to leave us (WFF Therapy)...


B.O.H.I.C.A. bend over here it comes again
That sounds like the perfect hook up. You caught a monster fish, got to fight it, got a good look at it, the only thing left to do was net it and release it right? Unless you were gonna eat the big bastard you just saved yourself the last, and most harmful to the fish, step.
The bad beats are the ones where it's a monster, you don't even get to see, it's just heavy and deep and then it's gone!
Covington Fly . iagree The ones you never see, but keep you wondering how damn big they are (were) before they spit the hook/snap you off are the ones that 'haunt' you. Can think of two fish this year that I would have loved to have even seen, let alone landed. . . bawling:
i feel incomplete unless i get to look the fish dead in the eye and talk some trash. flash my opposible thumbs and then grant them permission to live another day. its not the same when its on their terms.

it would be great to chalk it up as a good experience to bask in the ambience of a lost fish, appreciate the wind and the waves and the chirping of the birds....

but i cant. ill never let it go until i realize my true dreams of posting a photo of a trophy brown from humble western washington much to the chagrin of our fancy streamer throwing montana boys. god speed!


B.O.H.I.C.A. bend over here it comes again
Sean, that is not a very Zen like approach. You must seek balance. I can tell you that when you finally land that fish you will get your camera out and promptly drop it in the water. Whilst you turn momentarily to seek the fallen camera the fish will wiggle free, probably slapping you in the opposible thumb and dashing off into the dark. You will then realize that you have landed your mythical fish but are still unsatisfied and that the fish was not what you were really after. :rofl: