What weight spey line?

I just purchased my first spey rod, an Albright 14' rated 9/10wt. For fly line, I can get a sale price on a Rio Windcutter Spey floating or changable versi tip lines but the rating on both lines is 10/11/12wt. Is this line too heavy for a spey rod rated 9/10wt?

Rio does make a Windcutter line in 9/10/11wt but currently not at sale price.

I have never cast a spey rod so any suggestions are welcomed.


no man it should load just fine. i fish a 9/10/11 windcutter on my echo 8/9 wt and it handles the line way better than the 8/9/10 windcutter (my first choice). had to up the line weight to better load the rod.
try a few lines, and definately try a skagit line. shorter casting casting strokes, less effort, twice the payoff.

hope this helps, best of luck in the spey world!


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As a newcomer to spey casting, the Windcutter 10/11/12 would be a better choice for you that the Windcutter 9/10/11. The 10/11/12 has a bit more weight which will help you "feel" the rod load and unload; thus helping you learn good spey casting technique. After you have been spey casting 2-3 years, the Windcutter 9/10/11 would be a better choice, just not yet when you are learning to spey cast and need the help of the extra line weight to "feel" the rod load. Sounds like the-trout-bum found this in his own experience.

I'd shy away from the Skagit lines for now because you can easily develop bad casting habits due to how forgiving the very short, heavy, Skagit lines are regarding anchor placement and their very shallow "D" Loop. This means you can reef the line out to 60-65' pretty quickly with minimal technique when learning; however, it will be much harder for you to develop good technique for making longer casts because they are so forgiving of anchor placement. The Windcutter and other short-belly spey lines like the SA Short Spey and Airflow Delta are a better choice because their 55' belly is long enough for you to need good anchor placement and "D" Loop formation for a good cast; but the belly is short enough that anchor placement doesn't need to be perfect.
Thanks all for your input and recommendations. I ordered the Windcutter 10/11/12wt and will give it a try.

For anyone interested in a low priced spey rod, Albright currently has a sale on their GP 14' and 15' spey rods at 70% off. The 13' model was sold out. Their GP reels are also at 70% off. Most others on their website are at least 50% off. I ordered the rod and a reel separately. So my cost for the rod was about $88 + $11 shipping. The reel was about $38 + $8 shipping. I have no idea if the rod or reel are any good, but at that price, I just had to jump in and give speying a try.

Thanks again to everyone.



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The Albright 2-handers are good fast action rods. They just aren't kown by that many folks; hence, the discontinuance of them by Albright and the resulting large discount. The were a good value at list price and at the current 70% off discounted price, they are a best buy and tremendous value. Don't get me wrong, they aren't in the same class as the high-end rods from Loomis, Sage, CND, Meiser, Burkheimer, Carron, etc. They are simply a great way for someone to get into a good quality 2-hander for very little money right now.
If you don't like the windcutter don't despair (and keep your receipt if an option, they're not cheap). I've never liked them myself and can't think of one experienced spey fisher from the few I've played with first hand that fishes one. (obviously some do, but many other choices now) a WTB request for such usually yields a fine shape line cheaply pretty quick....Delta Spey (Long or..memory failing me, maybe older version) come to mind as a reasonable length that seems to play v. nicely. That and some polyleaders or homemade tips and you're flying on a budget). Much friendlier than any WC IMO.

Congrats on starting down the road, please do post if any frustrations encountered before they become showstoppers.


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Trust me, there are plenty of us "experienced" spey casters who have sat on the sidelines with amusement with first the rapid rise and fall of the long belly line fascination and then recently the "discovery" of Skagit lines, while all the while using our trusty Windcutters to fish just fine. I just got back from ten days on the Bulkey, Skeena, and Sustut where WC's were the only line that I fished.

I've never tried an Albright rod. But, I do use WC 10/11/12's on a couple of other 14 and 15 foot 9 weights. The suggestions above are good ones. It's not a bad idea at all to overline your first rod, and learn the right timing.

Good luck with it.
Nice Fish up in BC Circlespey!!

I enjoy windcutters and have used them quit a bit in the past. Everything goes well until I put something big and nasty on my rod. Then all goes to crap, perhaps it's user error :) With that said, they are great lines to learn with, and real fishing machines. The Skagit gets my nod since I can fish both big and nasty as well as "gaywings" when appropriate.

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