First Flock of Snows


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Was installing the trims on my metal roof when a nice staccato of 'honking' loomed almost perfect formation of 30 or so Snows on their way to the Skagit flats I presume. Eleven more days and a 'wake-up' for those who are in the boat of 17-64!

Only bad thing...this means winter is near and my house remodel is no where near ready for it!


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have been seeing flocks of snows (as well as whitefronts) almost daily for two and 1/2 weeks. There were at least two flocks of snows that numbered several thousand each on the ground/water in the Stanwood area yesterday. Saw 10 different flocks of snows and 3 of whiterfronts headed south in the area yesterday.

Fall is definitely in the air.

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