Winston Ibis?

I was given an Ibis 14' 8/9. I have never cast it (in fact it has never been cast) and have very minimal spey experience. I enjoyed my few attempts in the past and wanted to get a spey setup and as luck has it I am in...cheaply:thumb:. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this rod and could recommend a line that would match up well with this.

If no one gets back to you here, try - or just do a search on there. Also, Rio (line co.) may have that rod on their rod/line recommendation spreadsheet.

Red Shed

"junkyard spey"
For that rod I think a 500 skagit would work with or without a 5' cheater. For a scandi line I suggest something around 450/460grns. For a short head spey a 7/8 should work well.

If there is a shop near you that has demo spey lines give them a visit or you might visit All About the Fly's Sunday on the river or River Run Angler's Sat on the river. They both have plenty of demo tackle and lots of spey casting talent.
That rod works fine with a standard 8 wt Delta or 7/8/9 cutter, but be careful with large tips and Skagit lines. It has a lot of bend with little recoil. Just ask Caddis Madness and K2 when they played with it before I sold it. I was casting a Airflo NW Skagit 7wt head at 470 grains.

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