West Fork Carson, northern CA

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Took a day's break from getting our house in CA ready to rent when my wife moves in to our new digs in Leavenworth, so I took the day to drive up to the West fork Carson just south of Tahoe. Caught 3 brookies and one `bow, on a combination of caddis, stimulators and the last two on olive scuds I normally use on Rocky Ford. Very few people since it was a weekday, easy access, but small fish for the most part, and not a lot of decent holding water in the creek. No snow now, but they had about 10 inches earlier which all melted off, leaving the aspens in shock! Stream temp was about 52, and what fish there were are all congregated in the deepest parts of the stream. They were coming to the surface every now and again to take something I couldn't see, and there were no hatches coming off at all. Air temp was in the low 70's, clear, with an easterly breeze. If you're in the area, wet the line, and the fall scenery's nicely muted. I can't complain, since I did catch fish! Sorry about no pictures, but I usually don't carry a camera in the vest.