17,000 Mile Fishing Trip to Stop the Pebble Mine

In July of 2009 three friends and I will start pedaling our bikes from Prudhoe Bay, AK on a 17,000 mile journey to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. The goal of the journey is to raise awareness of and garner support for protecting the Bristol Bay Watershed from the Pebble Mine, the largest proposed open pit mine in North America (I'm sure many of you have already heard about it). This trip will incorporate hundreds of fly fishing adventures. From Arctic Streams on the Dalton Highway to the Rivers of Southern Argentina I do not plan to leave any river unfished. My plan has been to put together an interactive map of the rivers we plan to hit. We will be following the Pacific Coast and I'm reaching out to you guys to help me put together a list of rivers that I absolultely need to fish.

General Route: Alaska - Deadhorse, Fairbanks, Whitehorse

BC: Route 37 to 16, Smithers, Prince George, Vancouver

WA: Port Angeles, Seattle, Aberdeen....1 and 101 south to San Diego.

From there we will travel down Baja (yes I know the roads are bad) to La Paz and ferry over to Mazatlan

Continue to travel south through Central America and then take sailboat across the canal to Columbia, and continue to pedal through Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

If you know of anything absolutley epic along my route please, please let me know.

Website: www.pebblepedalers.com


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Well, that is pretty damn impressive. I know that road from Prudhoe on down and all I can say is WOW! and Good on ya man!!!! Good luck to you guys and keep on pumping!

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Very ambitious! Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime! Good luck on your journey! Bring extra spokes.

Back in 1981, my (ex) girlfriend rode with a group of other cyclists from Fairbanks, AK to Long Beach, CA. She was a hard core cyclist before the trip (worked as a bike messenger for a couple years then). I remember her telling me how bad the mosquitoes were in AK. The cycling was easy for her, but she got bored riding with a large group and sticking with the plan. She hung with them til the end, though.

Itchy Dog

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This could be just what it takes to get the attention of people who might otherwise not hear about the Pebble Mine. Keep us posted.

Chris Puma

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This is insanity! But awesome. Awesome insanity!

You get sponsored by anyone? I'm sure you could get free gear/bike parts for your journey.
We are each personally funding our own journey but are looking for gear / bike donations of any kind. I've been on the sponsor hunt for the last few weeks. It's an arduous process given the state of our economy. If any of you know of anyone who might be interested in showcasing their products on our ride, please drop me a line.

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
I'd talk to Sage if I were you, since they've already take a stand against the Pebble Mine (One Day for Bristol Bay). You could stop by their Bainbridge Is. facility when you pass through Seattle. It'd be good publicity for you and them. Get a local TV news reporter to cover the story and the visit to Sage. Just make sure you don't get Jim Forman or Jesse Jones to cover the event. Maybe hit up REI as well since they're an PNW icon.

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