Vote for the Mingo/Backard Ticket: America gets an enema!


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Let me be among the many to add a hearty "WELL DONE!" and an appropriately latex-covered "THUMBS UP!".

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
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I want to help out. I hear you guys have opted out of Public Glove Financing- no Federal US matching Glove funds. This is a snap on the wrist for all of us to pitch in. Where can I donate some used rubber gloves and half-full sorta-filthy tubes of lube for the cause? I hear Matney and MacRowdy have a buttload of supplies in a small series of survivalist bunkers up in their Montana Unibomber cul-de-sac...


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Mingo, Just in the nick of time.... a clear alternative to the OReilly/Hannity ticket! You did plagiarize your tax reform, it's cool though, because the other intelligent people who have proposed it know it's the right thing to do[and it will pay for the rest of your platform]. The promise of the nurses caring for our returning soldiers needs clarification: are you proposing cloning your better half or possibly retraining the Fembots? Just make sure they aren't Sarah[ I'm the new face/voice of the Moral Majority] Palin, that might induce PTSD!


Be the guide...
I like it Mingo! The last thing we need is another ivy league, activist lawyer, never had a real job, doesn't know a steelhead from a carp, career politician type in the oval office!

Bruce Davidson

formerly hatman
I just chased down my postman and at gunpoint removed my absentee ballot from his bag. I want a do-over and going with a Mingo-Yard write-in.

I also vote this the post of the year!!! Awesome stuff.

agent montana

This Must be a sickness!! MARINATE!!!
I'll vote for you but I still want my reformation check! My babies need shoes man! C'MON!!
Nice one Mingo! Very Nice!


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Ut oh, Drudge just reported that government computers have been used in King county to find personal information on Mingo and Backyard.


My name is Mark Oberg
You got my vote, But not my bung. You'll have to have some other party supporter take mine.


Skunk Happens
Every time you give a speech, have the first lady at your side, and 50% of us won't give a damn what you say! She could even be put on the $20 and get rid of Andrew Jackson.

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