1st SRC / What did I catch?!

Caught my very first searun today on a fly I tied. Pretty sweet.

Then I caught what I believe to be a coho jack (on another fly I tied - also pretty sweet), but I don't know for sure if that's what it is. It fought like a rainbow jumping and tailwalking. It was stout, gave my 7wt a niiiice bend.

Any one care to help a guy out?

Can't see the mouth interior very well, nor the spot distribution on the tail, but it is definitely not a sea run cutt. Looks like a coho to me. Nice job on your own flies too:).


"Chasing Riseforms"
There was some black on the mouth, the 'lips'.

But the gum line is whiteish I believe. You should be able to look in the regs or online for pics that show how to identify a coho and other salmon. Good for you on your catch! Now you need to downsize to a lighter rod such as a 5 wt. :thumb: