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was there with my kids around 1130am, looked like tide was going out, some fisherman, didn't see very many boils like the other day. Should not be the end of the masses.

Rob Ast

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Was out again yesterday afternoon - slowly dropping tide, overcast, little wind. I worked the north flats. One fair hooked fish that broke off, one fish snagged just behind the head (didn't see the position until I had played him for a few minutes, then broke him off when I saw the fly). Many fish were in water under 3 feet deep, so unweighted flies work fine. Several other flyfishers out, saw a few guys hooking up. Definitely more fish around, expect it to be on soon.


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Thanks for the update robast...... I was out there on Halloween day for a few hours and got my but kicked (again). I saw some other guys hooked up but I could'nt buy a strike. I tried a variety of flies and every retrieve I could think of......I just can't seem to figure this fishery out. Oh well, I'll probably be out there on Saturday for more punishment!

Ed Call

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Practiced my casting in the rain today for a bit. I had one hooked that appeared to be in the upper jaw but it winked at me and spit my little fly right back at me. I saw a lot more fish than the last time I was there, fish jumping all around, even had a few cruise into me when spooked by other anglers (I'm so stealthy! Right.) There were a number of bank anglers stacked up and a bunch of fly flippers spread out on the flats. I recognized one, Mr. C, and watched him and a pair of guys on the North flats hooking into a fish here and there. I'd say they were in the better location and actually as he moved from the South flats to the North flats he hooked up right away. I tried a variety of colors and pattern sizes, all unweighted and only had the one hookup and one bump. I did watch at least a dozen fish wiggle onto the rocks while I was there, some bonked, some kicked back in, others released nicely. Whyinthehell do people unhook chum then kick the shit out of them to get them back in the water. Anyway, I would say it is improving but not white hot yet. Bring your clan, announce it to the world, it will be even more crowded in no time...sorry I'm advertising your secret spot, but if you all go there to fish I can have another place all to myself.

John Paine

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I fished Chico yesterday for the first time from about 1:00 - 4:00pm. The conditions appeared ideal with lots of fish moving, some in HUGE schools from the flats up into the creek. I was positioned on the N. Flats (at least I think) and managed to get into one fish. Incredible fight that lasted the better part of 10 minutes. Finally got him in only to discover he was snagged in the upper part of the tail. I had absolutely NO leverage, and that fish simply abused me!! Lots of fun, but I was hoping to hook up ligitimately. Of the fish I saw caught yesterday, most all of them seemed to be foul-hooked. Can somebody tell me if those fish ever actually "key in" on flies? If so, is it known whether they strike out of anger, or are they in a feeding pattern still? Well, I guess the fish are the only ones that really know, but I'm still curious why, and how these fish decide to put a fly in their mouth at this stage of their incredible lives.

Ed Call

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I watched a gear guy hook and land four today in my short time in there. He was using a very large (articulated fly sized) charteruse (spelling?) gob of yarn and a corkie or cheater. All of his were hooked in the mouth or in the head close enough to the mouth that I could not tell it was "foul" but all were certainly head hooked and he controlled them easily. I tried everything but the kitchen sink, changing flies every ten casts or so, which I hate to do, but nothing I tossed interested them.

Ed Call

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Okay South Sound, I was only trying to catch you off we go.

Anytime you read a fishing report it is already out of date! That is unless the person posting it is sending it streaming live from the site and you are gearing up as you recieve it on your satellite uplink.

That being said, reader beware, this poster knows nothing about anything and advises no one about anything significant:

Today I hit Chico briefly armed with a new Cougar97 fly (hint, contact him or use the search engine for info about his cool fly). I tied up four last night. First cast, large nice looking buck on, probably 15+ pounds. Yeah, that is right, first cast. I was still stripping out some more line into my basket before the tip of my floating line abruptly stopped and someone was pulling it away. I strip set the hook and presto, I'm in the game before my waders really even seemed to be wet. He began to straighten the precious size 6 hook (a total giveaway there...serach engine) but I banked him before he could pull it straight. Back into the brine stud, go make some offspiring for us in later years. (Fair hooked inside the front lower jaw):thumb:

Fixed that hook, too lazy to archive it and tie on another. Three casts later, presto, repeat performance, fish was almost identical to the first. This time the hook held, repeat banking and release for future family fun. (Fair hooked inside the corner of the mouth on my side...for those that might consider me a flosser):thumb:

A few cast later, slam-snap. Well, that fly is now gone, probably beaten up by the previous tooth and bank abuse. Tie on another.bawling:

A dozen casts later and a shift out further into the esuary, slam-shake-shake. Another one on then off. Bring it in to check it out, no more fly. I think this pattern just might be working. Third of four flies tied on, a few more casts, one more fish to the bank (smaller and darker) and I have to get some work done.bawling:

I stopped by my local FFshop, excited as always. I tossed the fourth Cougar97 speical on the counter and told a version of this tale to Bill. He could tell of my excitement and told me that he thought that fly was nice looking. Thanks Cougar97, I'm tying some more up. I'll be varying the coloration with some other materials I have on hand as well as some of your stellar origionals. I'll also tie some summer steelhead sparse and winter steelhead big nasty and heavy. Remember my question? What do you use these flies on? Steelhead and Silvers...well now they are confirmed at least for a brief part of one day to be something that Chum take a fancy too as well.;)

Thanks for reading this far...and for the record I saw a butt ton more fish and many more anglers of varying techniques with a few foul and a bunch of fair hooked fish. A note to those still reading, all the fish are gone now though, better head down to Minter Creek with all the others in the know!:D

Tom Johnston

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Nice looking fly that you used Mumbles. It kind of stears away from the usual small green chum flies I have been seeing and reading about. I will have to learn how to tie this and wait for my foot to heal and go get into some dogs.

John Paine

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Thanks for the info, Ed. Solid report as always!! Sounds like you and others had a really good day at Chico. I hope to return sometime before the end of the run.

Ed Call

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Like Tony says in another report, visibility is getting horrible, I used something atypical, dark blue and black. If I had stayed longer I would have even started using a larger fly just so that it stood out from the crud.

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