Airflo 40+ vs SA Streamer Express...again

Sorry guys but I have 60.00 burning a hole in my pocket for a SINGLE beach fly line for my 6wt GLX Cross Current I've decided to make my primary Beach Rod.

I can't afford to have a floating and sinking line so I'm deciding on one or the other. SRC and Silvers are the norm.

Hows that new Rio Outbound with the shorter head, worth checking out or is it still having tangle issues? :hmmm:

Thanks again guys! :thumb:


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Well I have all three lines you are talking about. My current fave is the Outbound, tangles and all. At some point I'll chop the running line off and replace it with either Slick shooter or Miracle braid. But for now I'll just try to keep things tangle free in the basket....


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The SA Streamer Express will get the job done, no tangles, no fuss, no kidding. I've used this line for 2 seasons at our local beaches on my 6wt and 8wt with an Orvis hard plastic +cones stripping basket. It is a joy to cast and has been a fish slayer. Just give it one stretch at the beginning of the day and focus on what the fish are doing.

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I got a new airflow 40+ this year for the beach and it rockets out line like crazy. Running line shoots out of my guides from my home made stripping basket smoothly and far, no tangle issues for me through about 30 beach outings this season. Some of those were brief, an hour or two, but I tried to cast as many times as possible to cover as much water when I got out.

That being said, I have not yet cast an SA Streamer Express or Rio Outbound.
I own SA Streamer Express lines from size 7 thropugh 10 that I've used from Puget Sound to the SE Alaska. These lines shoot superbly and do not have any significant tangling tendencies. I have one Rio in 8-weight that also works nicely.
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Well guys fished my favorite beach today targeting silvers and cutts and to test out my new Airflo line. I'm convinced that the Airflo 40+ floater is just about the best casting beach line I've ever casted! Effortless 60' + casts with only a 1 1/2 double haul on my 6wt CC GLX, man I was blown away. Pinpoint accuracy near and far and punchin' clousers with ease. Wanted to test distance but was kinda windy.

Only had 1 tangle and that was when the sun blinded me. The running line is awesome and was casting like a "frozen rope".
Super slow today for me and my wife, due to the tide was up on us around 2pm. But the BEST part or our day is when we see this "head with antlers" coming out of the water 40' from us:See Pics

Upon coming out my wife took some pics and then he started coming at me fast, then he took a detour and disappeared into the woods, the young buck and the sun made our day!


Shit Peter, you got him to rise and then didn't follow up with a subsurface pattern? I don't know how many more Bucks like that you can get to follow your fly. Nice work. Duffer:D
Shit Peter, you got him to rise and then didn't follow up with a subsurface pattern? I don't know how many more Bucks like that you can get to follow your fly. Nice work. Duffer:D
Haha, funny stuff Duff. I did get a rise on the first cast of the day, smashed my popper but no take, like always.. I'm still mind boggled on why they hit it so hard, but do not take the fly?bawling:

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I've seen video footage of schooling salmon feeding on pods of baitfish. They sometimes slash through tail swatting to stun the bait once they have them balled up, then return to gorge on the fluttering and stunned victims. What did they do after they hit your popper? What did you do, strip in quick and recast at them, let it lie there, twitch twitch? I'm curious because I need all the technique tips possible.
I normally let it sit there for a second then start up the 3 second strip,stop,strip strip,stop,thumb-tug strip,etc. like a wounded bait fish.
I've had plenty success on that technique, and PLENTY of teasers as well.

Like someone once said, poppers is for the visual excitement and thats it, not for the catching of plenties. Clousers will always rule over the poppers..

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Copied and pasted into my notebook! Thanks. I was not doubting your technique, just asking what you do when your baitfish popper gets stunned. Casting clousers sucks, I've started weaning myself off of them.

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