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Pan, I don't know who's talking out their asses, but a theory, if it's a good theory, is based on experience, not hearsay. But I wouldn't be surprised if the bullshit factor exceeds the experience factor here.

Even though I fish a dry line a lot. Admittedly a sink tip takes more skill to fish for one reason. With a floater a depth control is not a factor.
I totally agree with the exception of fishing larger iron hooks to a certain extent can put you slightly more below the water column. You can also use an intermediate poly and obtain the same water level without swimming a larger fly. In my experience, the takes with an intermediate and dry are very similar as well. This is off course dependent on the type of water you are fishing.

4 pages and 1928 views, good stuff.
floating line or sink tip, I almost always cast slightly upstream. I like the ability to prep my swing. It is nice when have water where you don't have to do a thing:) keeping the mellow J is the art.
Cutting to the chaste, I think I am a mellow J guy for the last 28 years or so, sink tips most of the time out here in the western GLs.