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iagreeiagreeiagree Regal....I have 2, dont use the Renzetti anymore, Regal holds hooks the best!!I started tying on the stationary one, then got the rotary.They are the shit!
Favorite all time - Cabelas super AA vise. Paid 9.99 for it. Actually paid 9.99 off of a gift card from my pops for it. I tied over 3,000 flies on it before I killed the c clamp for it. Vise still works but I hate the pedestal. That's like $0.003 per fly investment. :thumb:

I have a HMH spartan on order and am currently using a dan-vise knock off loaner. If it wasn't a loaner, I toss the thing in a dumpster.
Check out the DynaKing Supreme or Professional. Its not a rotary, but you can turn the fly to other positions as well as change the angle of of the jaws to the position you prefer. They are great vises.


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Thanks to everyone for the advice and opinions. I know that to an extent, the choice is a personal one, but since I'm new to tying, gathering opinions provides a starting point. Thanks for the link to the vise buying guide and review. It was helpful.

For those of you have tied larger flies on the Dan Vise, how well does it work with the auxiliary attachment?

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I never had any issues with larger flies sizes up to 2 before adding the arm extension. Now I tie with it and it still ties great and there is a bit more space. I have two and when tying long articulated flies I position them together and that works great too. If I had fly tying talent then the planets would all be in alignment and wonderful things could happen. It is all I've used at home besides a early day forcep deal and three nights on a regal in a tying class. You will get great on what you use and know. Good luck.
Good questions to ask are,what do you need to tie (sizes),what features do you want (rotary or fixed,pedistal or no) and what do you want to spend?The Fly fisherman comparison article is a very good resource.All my vices are well made U.S. tools.My other regular vices are Scottish and single malted ,Canadian and micro brewed or Australian, red and vinted.If I could give all these up I could probably get another vice. Say,....Scandinavian.
In the UK and parts of Europe this vice gets the big thumbs up.


Without trappings the basic vice seen here retails at £450.00.

It is used by people like Oliver Edwards and the like and is the best I have come across to date.

Mr Waldron the craftsman does not have email but does answer the phone and responds in writing should you desire to take any enquiry further.

Cool piece of kit!

The LAW Bench Vise is probably the best vise on the market. Mr. Waldron does indeed craft a fine tool. I opted for a slightly less expensive vise designed by the same MR. Waldron, manufactured and marketed by Snowbee. The Snowbee-Waldron vise is also finely crafted, though not hand made like the LAW, has great hook holding power, and is just a well made piece of kit.

As it sits on the bench, the price was about $350.00 US.
I can recommend the Peak vise. They are a great tool and a great value. Got mine at All About the Fly. Don't know if they still carry them or not. My .02

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I'm seeking opinions on vises before I take the plunge. My fishing buddy has a Regal he really likes. What's your favorite tying vise and why? Thanks in advance for the input.
Regal and Renzetti.

For anything smaller than a 16, it's tough to beat the ease of using a Regal.

If you use your vise for small bugs or for occasional epoxying (and like the fly to rotate evenly around an axis), then the Regal is not the best choice, and I then use my Renzetti Presentation.

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