Discovery Park lighthouse point??

I was wondering if anybody has fished the point or any of the beach at Discovery Park, Seattle, area 10? I took a hike through the park with my family this afternoon, we made some wrong turns and I only wish I could tell you what a nightmare it was to get out.:beathead::beathead:
But anyway....... There is alot of beach along there,, don't know the beach conditions as in terms of bottom structure because the tide was high. But I will say that the lighthouse is on a "Point" within the beach line. I saw this as a very inactive beach for walkers and folks.
If anyone has been please tell.. They have made some restrictions on bringing vehicles down to the parking area, but it was Sunday night so everybody broke the rules. I'll let you know when I have tried it.
I've fished it once - It was a royal pain to get to, but would be much easier with a bike. Didn't catch anything though the beach structure and current seemed promising.. I don't think there are any substantial feeder creeks around there, so that is one big detraction - other than that seems like a good beach. I don't see why it would be any worse than Lincoln Park - probably better.
The treatment plant right behind the lighthouse doesn't offer much for the fish...and the actual beach itself doesn't have some of the common structures that SRC's like.

Its nice that the beach is a pain to get to for the very fact it keeps alot of the knuckleheads away who don't have the sense or the care to stay out of the way of your cast. (see Golden Gardens - eg: I have literally had some of the less-than-top-of-the-class-students-wearing-Ballard-High-shirts stand or sit behind me *after* I began casting. Apparently its a cool thing to acquire an airborne fly in the back of one's head to show off to your girlfriend or knucklehead friends).

It is better to bike there than walk. But if you go there during low tide you'll see what I mean, there isn't much in the way for SRC's to hang around there. If there aren't nice niced bolders and large gravel to be had, the bait fish aren't going to spend any time there either.

Lincoln Park has plenty of those things, especially on the north side of the beach near swimming pool.

I've only found Lincoln to be productive for SRC's during the month of June though. The rest of the year you are dependent on rezzies or Salmon going by, most notably Pinks (but only in odd number years).

You might also read the regs on the Discovery Park beach - I want to say there is special verbiage about taking fish there.
Thank you Jollyroger for that info. I have a few Jollyroger's in the fridge, it's my absolute faovorite this time of year. I shall tilt one for you. :beer2:


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I fished Lincoln Park one Sunday afternoon and no one had a clue about the concept of a backcast. To add insult to injury, one guy started throwing rocks (not skipping, hurling) right where I was casting to boiling fish. He said "You might want to get out of the way. I'm throwing rocks." Why are there more horses asses than horses?

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He could use a little backcasting lesson. And before everyone wants to jump on my for suggesting that you cast at him, presentation is everything. You can send a message safely without hitting someone with your fly, just like jerkwadman was sending a message with his rock tossing bullshit. He probably felt he was doing the fish a favor by chucking rocks at them for their proctection from your fly. Something about the guy in your post just chaps my ass. Sorry for the flamage, except if you are jerkwadman rock boy or someone who supports his actions, in which case, get a life jerkwad.
I'm not sure I should feel right about smiling when I read Woof's and Mumbles pains with "jerkwadman", but I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.

I have since taken the advice of another gentleman I met at Lincoln Park who frequents the beach quite often, but only at the break of dawn - he's had too many run-in's with yahoos.
If I hit a public beach, I either go when I know no crowds will be there (during the week or early morning) or in the off season when the crowds are down.


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It's fun to go down to one of our Seattle area beaches before sunrise and tippy toe past the sleeping glue sniffers, passed out teens, or weary sea kayaker campers. A few times I've arrived to see picnic tables still burning in the bonfire. I just walk past it quietly and get to the water and start scanning for the fish. Before the power walkers, rock throwers, and swimming dogs arrive I'm back in bed (hopefully with a salmon or two in the fridge). More than a few times I've filled an entire garbage bag full of trash on my way out to pay my dues.

I've never fished Discovery Park, but each year this topic comes up and the reviews are generally poor.

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I grew up a block from Discovery Park and West Point (where the lighthouse is) is not a good beach fishing spot. The beach S. of the lighthouse is virtually all sand (no structure) and shallow w/ no drop offs. Check it on a low tide and you will see what I mean. The north side is marginally better with a bit more structure. Bikes are not allowed off pavement in Discovery Park not to mention it's a long uphill ride or walk back to the nearest parking lot since you cannot park down at the lighthouse/sewage treatment plant. Lincoln park has much easier access and better fishing opportunities from the beach hands down.

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