Another nice Hawaiian Bonefish

Ed Call

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Thanks for the clarification Richard. I've not had the luck of fishing with the Coach, but I'm not dead yet. I hope you've been well!

Brad Niemeyer

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Hey Coach:

Good Work Man!

I can see from the background that you're fishing my honey hole;-) I bet that's the same fish that made a fool of me last winter. That's a great flat when the tide's right...

What fly did he take?

"Honey Hole?" On a bonefish flat that is surrounded by blue water and an average fish age of about 11 years? No, but nice try. And by the way, Richard is one hell of an angler and a great guy. A good friend. Tight lines, hooked a damn dinosaur today and the dinosaur won. Oh well Duffer

Ethan G.

I do science.. on fish..
Man, too bad the weather sucks over here today... I'm looking forward to some exotic tropical fishes tugging on my line in the near future.

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