Pram Plans

If you want to build the best fly fishing pram around, get in touch with the Port Ludlow Fly Fishing club. They have a design that will knock your socks off. Less than 8 ft long. Built from a couple of sheets of plywood with mostly straight cuts. This boat has a single center mounted swivel seat. You can customize it with oarlocks, electric motor, whatever makes YOUR boat float. It allows you to stand up and cast or sit down and troll. Great boat that a lot of the club members have built and love. They get together every Tuesday morning at 9 am at the South Shore Club in Port Ludlow. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

Milt Roe

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Not my idea of a good design for the fishing I like to do, but I'm sure it works well for the style of fishing for those who advocate it. In a bit of wind or current that thing looks like it would be a chore to navigate. I like to cover a lot of water, so a decent rowing design is my strong preference. A stroke on the oars that moves you 30 feet in a straight line is a pleasure.
Gorgefly, you are saying that if you were going to spend your hard earned money you would rather have a plywood pram rather than a strip built boat for the same money?!!!!
I have spent more time deleting a sharp reply than I need to...
Tom C.
Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.
Not sure waht you are getting at Tom?
I am saying I would take the $1300 and buy a Stillwater Classic from Spring Creek.
I absolutely love mine....65lbs. very stable, and very comfy. Can't see how you could beat that combination of weight, durability, and comfort.
Not sure but I am guessing the weight is around 70lbs. Also I will have less than $400 when I get the hardware on. It will ride either on my little trailer or in the back of my truck. For the lakes I want to use it it will be great.