Hobo Spey Variation


AKA Joe Willauer
I noticed a couple requests on the board for tying instructions and no one responding, and have also been enjoying the tutorials that marty has been doing on speypages, so thought i would give it a try. I originally saw the hobo this summer when i was out in motnana, in the solitude catalog. I kept thinking about steelhead, and this fly did not help the sickness. I changed the fly by adding the mylar rib, and switched the colors around. i really like this style of fly because it is a good halfway point between a full size intruder and a classic style spey wing. tied on a shank it also has a good amount of weight, yet is bery easy to throw because of the materials.

Shank:25mm waddington
Hook: #2 Owner SSW
Tag: Blue Angora Goat (1/4 body)
Body: Black Angora Goat
Rib: Silver Mylar
Palmered Hackle: Blue Guinea
Feelers: Blue Lady Amherst
Front Hackle: Black Marabou

Begin by attaching your trailing hook to the shank, make sure to tie on and double back with your attaching material.

Make a small dubbing loop with blue goat and wrap a little less than 1/4 of shank for tag

Attach silver mylar and blue guniea, one half stripped, tip first.

start a large dubbing loop with black goat and wrap forward

Wrap mylar forward, 3 wraps looks best to me

Palmer Guinea forward

Attach lady amherst, 3 fibers each side

Attach marabou feather, tip first, with one half stripped

Wrap marabou forward, about 5 turns, whip finish, head cement.

Swing, Set, Bonk, Enjoy!



AKA Joe Willauer
Thanks Guys,

Daryle- marty's stuff is out of this world, the ties and the quality are unbelievable.
Jon- yeah, just trying the black/blue out, you had any luck with the combo? ;)

Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
Jergens that's a cool tie man! What do you think of putting the Lady am. on last so it shows a bit better out from under the black maribu?
Great looking fly, thanks for posting!


AKA Joe Willauer
Fishmhard- ive tied some like that as well, i think the fly looks smoother with the am under the marabou, but it looks good the way you suggested as well, and more importantly, steelhead don't care.

Tall- what do you mean by target?

Ed Call

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Joe, awesome pattern, photos and tying sequence. Beginers like me really appreciate a pattern broken down like that so that I can better understand the order of tying in and follow it. After a few tries I think I can make this fly look pretty nice. Although I don't have any angora, I do have some rabbit and synthetics in the right colors so I'll try my hand with this pattern soon. Thank you again.
Joe, Some tyers refer to a conrasting ball of dubbing on the back end of a fly a "target". It gives the fish something to zero in on when they are following etc.


AKA Joe Willauer
Tall- thats what i figured. i dont tie all of them like that, but that technique somehow keeps ending up in more and more of my ties.

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