Video Clip of a Eumer Monster cone on a Bow River Bugger

That was my thought exactly, perfect trolling fly. Not that I would ever stoop so low as to troll with a fly rod! *scoff*

I found some great looking washers that I might try changing the shape on to see if I can give it some similar action... I think it could be possible.
Tried this tie with a "finish" washer and conehead. No tube here - tied on a #6 wet hook. Just a quick experiment... haven't tried it in a flow as it just came off the vise.
Let us know!! I saw washers like that, they look like they could work. Same type of structure as the other 'Monster' cone. Prolly not cheaper by the time you buy the cones and the washers.


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How is the washer fastened to the conehead?

Try putting the washer behind the conehead and you may get a better water flow over the wing and tail....I think you're on the right track, just needs fine tuning.
The washer is behind the conehead and is secured with an instant glue. The more I look at it I think that a cone and standard washer would work. I'll try to get to a stream soon to see how it swims.

Ed Call

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jkold, that looks very similar to my attempt. I bet it will work. Mine are very heavy too with no body weight. I might swim one this weekend.
mumbles - let us know how it goes. Heading for the hills to cut down our xmas tree so i don't know if I'll have time in daylight to get on the water. Going to try though.

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