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Go get an 870 express 12ga. 3 in. 26" or 28" barrel. and get in the game. It will be VERY resonable to purchase, most likely never fail you, and will be good trade bait for an upgrade, later as you get accustomed to your wants ( Notice I didn't say needs!) in a shotgun- Or be a grate backup later. Ive had a pile of shotguns over the years and if I could only have one for hunting a little of everything, without breaking the bank, the 870 would be the one:thumb:


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I have to throw in my 2-cents for the 870.This was my first shotgun, and I still love its simplicity.I do have many shotguns,pumps,semis,o/u,s.Honestly for the cost you can't go wrong.I've killed 15-20 turkeys,geese,ducks,grouse,partridge,and pheasants with this gun.Also deer and coyotes.I own a nova too.Great gun for turkeys,stationary shooting...but I don't think it swings worth a crap.I have two 11-87's,great guns,but a little more money.Start with the 870,the money you save can be applied towards your second shotgun.
So.. are you guys telling me that my 16 gauge side by side hammer gun is no longer on the top of the list?


ok... despite my peculiarities, I'd agree with the 870 choice. It was my first shotgun, too. It is, IMO, the all American shotgun.

- Michael (and Tanner)


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Might be a little late or not...just saw an advertisement for a Browning BPS Stalker for 444.99 at Sportsman Warehouse (believe they had a 20 ga as well in 28" and 24" for youth as well). This is a 3.5" 12 ga., 28" vent rib, black composite stock pump. My father had this gun only it had wood, heavy, but solid...became a victim of car prowlers at a GMU in Michigan.


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My two cents..... The pump either an 870 or a mossberg 500 will be the most econominal I have both personally. And both are 20ga I have shot everything from Quail to turkey with a 20ga, although mostly used for quail, phesant, and chukar. As was said above there is a greater selection of ammo for 12ga when you start buying non-toxic esp. As for what gun to buy go to a gun store and just try a few out for comfort for what fit your shotting style. And dont always think that bc the gun cost more it will fit you better, I say that bc I was set on a beretta o/u untill I went and held it and found that the ruger redlabel fit me much better. Also check out gun broker.com you can find some great deals there it is similar to ebay but for guns.

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You should really take a good look at the 870 Wingmaster Bill Dodd has for sale in the classifieds. The Wingmaster is a beautiful version of the reliable 870, and this one looks like brand new.

Plus, he's sweetened the pot with a float down the Yak. :thumb:

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12ga its got the most ammo available, it powerful enough for long shots and to take out a turkey, and the ammo in cheaper then a 10ga. my grandpa has got a 410 and it cost a fortune to shot but its a cool old pump. personaly i like Remington all my guns are Remington but i have alot more rifles then shot guns, the model 7 is my favorite 30-06. yeah you should use a 30-06 for pheasant. when you do get some save the tails and feathers thats what i do, somethimes i sell them to friends

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