Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Chris Puma

hates waking up early
I'm not gonna make it to Al's this Thursday...(moving into my new house)

if anyone wants to meet up some other time this week, I might be able to stop for a beer or two
I'm down for a beer whenever. Tuesday? Fri? I need to bang out some more flies.

So if you need some help moving let me know. I can help you load stuff Weds night or unload stuff on Thurs.

Brandi said I can have a dedicate fly tying ROOM. Not just a table but an entire room!
Ben, Sorry I bailed on you guys last night, I ended up having to work late after getting a bunch of work thrown on my lap in the afternoon. Hope things went well, and I will meet up with you guys soon at AIs.
No worries Eric. Al's will definitely be a good time!

Chris, Thanks again for the help last night! Keep me posted on fishing this weekend. not making any promises, but depending upon how painting goes, I might be able to get away for a bit. Maybe hit the salt.

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