Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

I'm in for a Lincoln Park meet and greet. We're quickly appraoching the holiday season. If we can't do it soon, it may be best to wait after the New Year...just a suggestion.
Im up for the meet and greet.


Looks like I'm getting called into work on Saturday. I cant go. Looks like the weather is going to be bad (meaning sunny) anyway. How about next weekend somewhere on the OP?

I agree, the sooner the better before the New Year. My wife is already making plans without my input. She got tired of hearing me say "depends on the flows" when asking if we can commit to holiday parties. Anyhow....

I'm unavailable Thursday but free for Lincoln Park this Saturday.

~ CF

Jonathan Stumpf

I don't care how you fish
I'm down for a meet & greet, too. Fairly new to West Seattle, so it'd be great to meet some other fishing folk...especially for ride shares. Maybe the Beveridge Place some night?
I'm off to Montana this weekend, but any other time works great. I'm one of those 6.3% the Times was talking about, so plenty of time on my hands these days to look for fish, er, work.
Damn, can't do Thursday... and I've been looking for a reason to visit the Avid Angler. Saturday is the only day available for myself. After that, things get a little crazy for the holidays.

Maybe some of us can meet Thursday and others on Saturday at Lincoln Park/Beverage Place? Then after the New Year, we can get schedule further out to get everyone together?

~ CF
Im going to be at the Avid Angler at 6pm on Thursday. I will be the big guy (310 pounds) driving the blue chevy. My name is John.

I'm also willing to meet for some :beer1: on Saturday. Somebody pick the place and I will be there too. Nothing too loud my hearing is shot from years of concerts and duck hunting. :)


Avid Angler at 6. I'll be in a brown toyota tundra. Maybe whoever shows up would be interested in some beers after the initial meet and greet. Anyone know of any place in that area?

I'll be out of town this weekend, so saturday won't work for me.

I have to work late tonight. Fellas, I will not be able to make it to Avid Angler anywhere near 6pm. Sorry if that changes anything. Its been one of those weeks at work.

Just wondering if anyone made it to the Avid Angler tonight? I was there, but didn't see anyone for the meet and greet. Just hoping that I didn't miss you if you did show. Let me know.

Now that the holidays are a distant memory and the chrome aren't exactly stacked up like cord wood on the Skagit, anyone want to make time to try and get a meet/greet or meet/drink going?


"Ride'n Dirty."
I'd like to hit the park too. I'm in West Seattle (Upper Alki). As for the rivers, most of the crappy ones I hit are closed. :D

I know see this thread is old and crusty, but I still think a Lincoln park fishing trip would be fun. Is this a good time to fish the park? Anyone know?