Pass lake frozen?

Scott Salzer

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Didn't get any better after you left. As you mentioned, I had one to the boat and four other tugs. You're welcome for the braut. Nice to have something hot after dangling the legs in the water for a while.

Maybe Lone next time....


Go Fish

Language, its a virus
One of the weather guys on TV said it was one
of the warmest Novembers on record. This time
last year I had already gone through a cord and
a half of wood versus 1/2 cord this year. David
Was on Pass yesterday, brought 5 to the boat on chronomids and blood worms during daylite, and one large rainbow just after dark on a green wooley tossed near the bank.
Cold but not frozen. Planning on going back on Fri.
Wasn't much of a chrono fan until Lone Lake last week when that seemed to be the ticket. Always thought it was too slow and boring. Am now a believer.......would rather sit in one spot and catch at least a fish every 40 mins or so than troll for hours and hit zero. Duh !!

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
The only thing frozen at Pass is gonna be your feet, wear an extra pair of neopreen.:ray1:
The chronos are the way to go at pass! Nice and relaxing and then...Bam lots of fun!!!:D
So? When the big freeze comes to Pass we are limited to hand augers and Ice skates, no snow machines and gas operated augers right? What diameter will be the ice hole in question be. These will be future questions as the world begins to freeze. TIC

Ed Call

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You guys are evil. I know Pass is frozen a foot thick in the middle and you are all only saying it is still open and fishing nicely to get my goat. You are all waiting for me to drive all the way up there with all my crap just to watch me blow a gasket when I arrive and find it frozen solid. That's not funny, not funny at all. I'm taking the high road OMJ recommended in another thread, I'm bringing my chain saw to cut a hole big enough to cast into.

Seriously though, I had hoped to have ventured to Pass by now, but have not made it. There are so many lakes I've read about that I want to try. Anyone want to fill in for me at work tomorrow?

Old Man

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If Pass lake ever got a foot of ice on it you can bet it is way to damn cold to get outside and fish. It might get a slight cover of ice in the winter time but that is all.

Where do people come up with the idea that a lake is frozen. Hell I was stationed in Greenland when I was in the service. We had a lake up there below the icecap and it got a good covering of ice but it was never frozen all the way. It was Thick enough to go out on with a D-4 Cat. About 8' thick. But not all the way. We used to go out and drill a hole thru the ice for water for the place we were living. If you can call living in minus 50 degrees living.

If you really want to know what the temp is at Deception Pass you should yahoo the weather and realize that it is vurtually at sea level and nothing really freezes near there and if it does it doesn't last very long. I fished it last year in the snow and there was no ice on the lake.


Scott Salzer

previously micro brew

I hate to disagree but I fished on Pass last year when there were just a few acres that were open and accessible. Most of the lake, including the launch area, was frozen. I was able to access in one area from the roadside. The ice didn't stick around that long but it was definitely too thick to bust through in a pontoon boat.


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