Greatest steelheader ever a Californian?


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FWIW, read Angler's Coast by Russell Chatham as well as some of Tom McGuane's pieces.

That said, does it really matter one way or the other?
New to the forum. Hi everybody. Must admit this movie I heard about has a killer site and the trailer looks good. But greatest steelheader ever from California, are you kidding me?:hmmm:

Anybody ever heard of this Bill Schaadt?
That's awesome. Yeah dude the best steelhead fisherman can be anywhere there's steelhead and there were a lot of steelhead back then. If You're passionate enough your going to be good at anything you love. Geez the best King Crab fisherman are from Seattle not Alaska.

Doesn't matter where you're from people will surprise you. Hey there may even be a African American president one day.....oh wait.... there is. Point is, anything is possible broseph.

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I can attest to Bill Schaadt being the best fisherman I have ever seen. I grew up On the Russian River and fished alongside him on several occasions. During the 50's and 60' the Russian river was the place to be on the west coast during the winter . It s sad to see what the wineries,dams and development have done to that river.
I reccommend getting ahold of the Anglers coast BY Russ Chatham, it is a great read.
I hear you on Russell Chatham. I googled an article he wrote, "The World's Best" focuses on Schaadt. pretty intense.

I think he's the guy in the movie trailer who says something along the lines of "he was the best fisherman that ever lived."

Heard about the Angler's Coast. Have to check it out. Good to see Chatham will be in the movie.


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Angler's Coast by Russell Chatham is a great book and I loved to see this film. Its amazing how much destruction has taken place on the coast.

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For a run-down on a lot of old-time greats (including Schaadt) pick up "Fly-fishing pioneers & legends of the Northwest" by Jack Berryman. It's an expanded collection of the "Pioneers & Legends" series from Northwest Fly Fishing magazine, has some great stuff in it.