Rocky Ford is fishing good!

My favorite rocky ford method is to use a 1 ought treble hook with a couple split shot and yard it through the run. It really takes some skill to get them in the mouth though.

When playing these fish I like to walk them back up onto the bank. You can really avoid losing your setups by using 20# pound flouro.

Who needs salt and spices when you can use god's greatest seasonings, dirt and leaves. Filet and release is really the only way to go. It really is helping the brown trout population at Rocky Ford. Those fish do taste a little muddy though.
You can really avoid losing your setups by using 20# pound flouro.
Do you find it neccessary to use flouro or could you get away with maybe just using 15 pound maxima?

Dragging these fish onto shore really freaks them out, especially in areas that have sand and pebbles, it reminds them of where they are from and how they lost their fins


Indi "Ira" Jones
I don't usually chime in on these things, but I have to agree. Come on man! What were you thinking posting a pick like that on this site? I get ignorance but dear lord. I'm guessing by this point that you get the point. If not let me spell it out; do not drag your fish up onto the bank and take a pictue of them even if they are hatchery stocked fish!

Please find a way in the future to take your glory shots while the fish is in the water or just suspended above the water. If you are fishing alone, you may need to forgo the shot altogether.

If you need help with this I'll be happy to fish the Ford with you and show you how it is done. Check past posts by me and I assure you I can catch fish there.

Wouldnt it be easier to use a spear gun?? Isnt RF good for sight fishing? You would not have to worry about breaking leader.
Heck Tom when my brother and friends go over sight fishing is the way. Lay the rod down have your spotter point at the fish, you must enter water from below the fish then wade using your spotters keen sight and hand signals, then slowly reach into the water and tail the bastards!!!! You have to be careful at times because there are some large deep hole. I have been known to go over the tops on my waders a time or two. It is also less stressful on the fish and damn you are already in the water so dirt/rocks are no issue, plus releasing is not a problem because you are already in the water.

First time I had to get into the fun :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I too have learned my lesson on posting a pic on the site because the fish was in a net, oh my god a net, and it pissed a few fellas off. I think we all have a some misfortunes of fish coming out of our hands and falling onto a rock or trashing in shallow waters while trying to get the hook out of the fish, even that little squeeze to ensure you hand a hold of him and he looked like this :eek:. For those people you will never hear about it but they will be the first to open their mouth when a picture is posted. Hell just yesterday I watched a FLY FISHING show which showed numerous shots of mishandling fish. Now how many of you call or write the show to bust on them?? Anyone??

I do my damndest to take care of the fish

Old Man

Just an Old Man
You all know that they have rules for holding wild fish out of the water when fishing the west side river and the salt. One would think that the same rules should apply for wild trout caught over on the dry side..

Since I usually just fish alone. My hero shots are all in my head. I tried to take a few pictures by my lonesome but I ended up with the fish out of the water to long. So after I land one it gets unhooked and back into the water it goes. I don't need to prove anything to anybody. If My word isn't good enough. To hell with them all.


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