Jim Speaker and I fished a South Sound beach this Saturday from 8am-4pm, with a break at slack tide for lunch... we'd have probably continued to fish through the slack, but the high-tide was covering the entire beach leaving no room for casting, or wading for that matter.

The day started out slow with a couple fish during the incoming tide, but catching a couple encouraged us to stick around for the outgoing tide with hopes that it might pick up. We also saw fish jumping sporadically, so we knew more where in the area. The fishing, or fish catching, died off completely during slack tide.

The outgoing tide fished much better and we were getting into fish fairly consistently for about 3 hours until we called it quits for the day. 10 fish landed between the two of us with a few more on, but lost... 9 Silvers averaging 14", 1 14" SRC. The majority of the Coho were hatchery fish with a few natives in the mix as well.


Jim Speaker

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Yep those would be the ones.

I hit 5 more of those today down there in the south sound, plus my first searun cutt in the salt - a nice fat 14-incher. The first and last coho were natives... they must have a good 2-inches on the hatchery fish.

Good fun. What took me so long to give this a go? Yeehaw. :beer2:


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what are you guys throwin out there? My buddy took the one pictured above with a tube fly on an intermediate line. We went to another spot and I had some good action on a Miywaki's beach popper. If you two haven't tried any floating line techniques I would suggest giving it a go, it is loads of fun to watch those fish go after the poppers!

I was fishing a couple of chartreuse-over-white epoxy head patterns of approx 2-1/2" with a floating line. One I tie very sparse using buck tail with very little Flashabo (pretty standard). The other I've been tying using white buck tail, 6-10 stands of Flashabou and the wing is a mix of lime Fly Fur and Light-Olive-Pearl Sparkle Hair... just a flashier/synthetic version of the first really. I believe Jim was using an olive-over-white tube fly. They all seemed to work well.

We kept a couple of the hatchery fish for dinner. One had an empty stomach, the other had eaten a 2-1/2" bait fish. It was pretty decomposed, so I'm not certain what it was, but it looked darn close to what we were catching them on.

I'm definitely going to give top-water a go here soon, it sounds like too much fun! :thumb:


Jim Speaker

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Well, Saturday when I showed up I had spent the previous morning on the Sno at Fall City, so had a fat sink tip on... I just left it on there and threw the tube fly on it. The sink rate combined with my strip speed seems to be in the zone so I am yet to take that damned tip off! hehe... if it works... right? Plus, I'm comfortable with that rod with a sink tip it shoots pretty nicely. But I'm itching to throw my floating tip back on there and screw with those feisty fish with gurglers and poppers. Sounds like damn fun! :beer2:

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