There are Thieves in them thare woods.

When I started the Day on the River Program I did it with one thing in mind.
To give the chance for the general public to experience fly casting with out any expense to them.
Thinking that it would help to promote the sport, and it has.
Then came the try before you buy idea, which led to the Try Rack and “ Test Drive Program” (I think Bob Meiser came up with that term).
Things went along and more and more people became interested in the Sport.
Something bad started happening: rods, reel, and lines started to show up missing during the Saturday On The River.
The Saturday On The River program is free.
With me being Religiously Neutral and not on any “Pro Deal where rods, lines and reels are complementary. It has been becoming more difficult to keep up with the thieves. The Tryrack has been and always will be stocked with the rods, which the general public wants.
This allows me to put rods on the try rack even though we do not sell them (some of the Manufactures are very territorial and will not let you use the rods in these programs unless you stock them and you can not stock them because you are to close to another shop that dose.)

Granted I do get a brake on buying the rods at Guide price, which is good. Some of the rod I pay the same over the counter price as the general public dose( I will admit there is not many now days but when I started there were quite a few).
This is not just happenings to me but other gatherings also..
A friend of mine who is retired law enforcements noted to me that he found three rods disassembled, and hidden in the brush beside the trail that we walked up from the river to the casting field a the Sandy River Conclave. The same year George Cook of Anglers Rendezvous noted that he lost a Sage Rod and Tabor reel at the same Conclave.
So this is what I am asking. Help me keep the course by being keenly aware of anything at these outings and Speyclave that is out of the ordinary.
You are the reason we put these programs together.


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That sucks Aaron. I'm sorry to learn that fly casters in general and Spey rodders in particular can't always be trusted 100%. I hope policing ourselves makes the difference.



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I will always be on the lookout for theives..................I hate"em..................This really gets my hackle up



The "speycasters" that have attended these events for years have had a pretty good record if I remember correctly.

Hard economic times always cause an increase in theft. I'm guessing the culprits aren't Spey Clave regulars but newbies looking to score some gear. At least I hope so!

It sure is sad when guys like Aaron, who have contributed so much to the local spey scene, pay such a steep price for their generosity. I have many fine memories from events that Aaron sponsored and have enjoyed trying out many rods/lines I might never have cast if they hadn't been on his Try Rack.

I'll keep my eyes open as well. Probably the best thing we can do to combat this trend.



Will Atlas

wow, thats some serious clepto stuff. Very unfortunate, particularly since the spey fishing crowd in general seems to be very trust worthy. Are there people around who aren't involved in the clinic, random locals etc?

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It may or may not be fly rodders at all that are stealing the equipment... Bottem line there are always thieves amung us...Either way, it's a piss poor world out there sometimes...gotta help each other cover our asses :thumb:

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Hopefully one of em blew the anchor placement and actually tore his nose off on the forward stroke,, that would be some appropriate Karma:thumb:
Sorry to hear about stuff like this Aaron,, keep up the good work though and hopefully one of the "spotters" will catch one of them next time. Frontier justice for these fu*#'s
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It sure is sad when guys like Aaron, who have contributed so much to the local spey scene, pay such a steep price for their generosity.

Sorry to hear this. I too think Aaron has been a tremendous contributor to the local scene, and hate to hear Aaron has suffered from his generosity.

Sad state of affairs, sorry to hear it Aaron. I can't imagine anyone mistakenly leaving with a rod or reel that is not theirs, but with all the equipment around it is hard to know which items folks bring on their own and which belong to the shop or someone else..

Perhaps a couple wraps of yellow tape on the demo rods/reels would be in order? This would help the honest folks (vast majority of us, I assume) keep an eye on any misdeeds..

It would be a shame to lose any of the atmosphere of sharing that exists now. Thank you for that!


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I find it hard to believe that a steelheader, and spey fisherman at that, would commit this kind of theft. It's so wrong that I refuse to believe it could be true. There's no way someone could participate in something so wonderful and do something so fucked up. I choose to be naive rather than consider this insane possibility. If spey fisherman/steelheaders are stealing gear from claves then I've truly lost my faith in humanity. My hypothesis: junkies in flyfishing gear, o.k? :(
The true fly (steelhead) fisher would not steal.
As everyone knows the pay backs on stealing fly equipment could be deadly.
A slip when your waist deep in a cold river will (could) kill ya.
There are thieves that show up at any kinda gathering.
I think the idea of marking the loaner equipment is a good idea.

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