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I would like in also. At least in part because I want to see what a olive oil fly looks like. I would like to put some thought into the particular pattern just yet.

sooo lakes it is? haha

we have chiros, w-buggers, and bunny leeches thus far.... not exactly winter yak flies.

might as well make it a stillwater lake swap just so we dont all get a bunch of random flies, all flies with one goal would be a better fit. IMO

for a lake i'll tie my twist on the hale bopp leeches.
I don't really care what the swap is for. Stillwater or Rivers.

I will be tying, what else, but a Twinlakesleach Special. This fly will work in either river or stillwater.

Sorry Sean, a wooley bugger is about the only bigger fly I know how to tie. I'm accustomed
to using/tying size 18 - 24 midges and so forth. The WB is the only big fly in my repetae as of right now. I don't mean to disappoint.:beer2:
BT - my fav moving water winter pattern is a size 18-22 tungsten candy cane midge. MONEY!

midges are excellent winter patterns my man. :thumb: especially fished behind a larger stone... and WBuggers, well everyone knows they catch anything that swims. im interested in your little oil twist.

besides all that im in for whatever. you guys tell me what you want.

the midges or the leech? ill get started tomorrow. :beer2:
I'd like to get in on this one. There are no rivers on Whidbey so I tie mostly stillwater flies. I'll do a little research and see what might work for both.

Ed Call

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Oh what the hell, I'll jump in too. No better way to keep the interest going than tying flies when I'm not fishing. I'm gonna tie up a little bead head nymph with an ostrich herl wrapped body. I forgot the name, but tumble it in a stream or hang it down in a lake and you'll catch fish. I dub the herl together and reinforce it with the tying thread and it comes out more durable than the herl alone. I might rib them or just let the fuzzy body do the work.

Connor H

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Aight guys, all spots are filled. I will pm everyone with my address and deadline should be by Jan. 1 or earlier if you all can get done with them.