Lake Crescent


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I always carry a set of regs with my gear. However, because of emergency closures, etc., I always check online when planning a trip. The online regs have all the corrections and emergency closures.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
You want to be on the water by the crack of dawn. I'm told. The fish are up shallower then. Downriggers are illegal. That's how they used to fish for them there, but not any more. Maximum allowable weight for fishing Lake Crescent is 2 oz.

Gary Dills

3 weight to 10 weight
I've had pretty good luck on Crescent. Just using my float tube or pontoon. Not all the fish are out of reach with an intermediate line plulling a wb. My best productive times have been in the evenings. It's a beautiful lake to fish. :thumb:
I do not have a copy of the regs because other people have copies in their truck, car, vest, tackle box, garage, shitter as well as stapled to the headboard so they can "find out if there is a non-bouyant lure restriction on the Sky" while they are spending quality time with the missus :rofl:. Every time I've asked for a copy at the counter of -> insert license distributor here <-, the respone has been "We're all out of them". :beathead:

Guys, take one copy of the regs and photo copy them. I haven't had a paper copy of the regs since 1999.:)
When I lived in Port Angeles when I was younger I heard many reports from guys doing well off the mouth of Barnes creek. I've fished Barnes creek itself with a spinning rod when I was a kid and always did well. Had to hike a ways though. Used to fish Sutherland a bunch with my tube. Found one little area where I slayed them with a purple maribou leech type pattern I used to tie up. Lots of action.


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as far as I know Lake crescent is not even in the reg book since it is in the national park so it wouldnt matter if you kept a reg book on hand anyway!! which I do carry one in each of my vehicles and one at home.