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Rob Ast

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I took advantage of the server down-time to finish up my dries. Amazing how productive one can be when their prime procrastination tool is down.
One of our swappers didn't have my address and sent theirs out today when the board came back up. I should see them in a day or two and have them out by the end of the week.

The flies all look great!

Flies are in the mail. I will have the pics in the gallery tonight.

Just wanted to mention everyone sent 12 and everyone was on time if the server issues didn't get in the way. Great work!

Dry flies due three weeks from today! :D

Mine arrived today. What a great bunch of flies. I know it's still early but Xdog gets my vote for "Best in Show". His crawdad tube fly is amazing!!:thumb:
This Mini-Marathon Trout Swap is AWESOME!

Got mine today... I feel like a little boy getting a bunch of new toys! :p

Gentlemen, again I would like to give high praise to everyones tying skills.

I have my work cut out on this next batch.


Rob Ast

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I snuck up on my wife with the crawfish on my hand - she nearly jumped through the roof. She is an aquatic biologist (has spent a fair amount of time around crayfish) and was amazed at how good that fly is.


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Folks, I've been keeping an eye on this swap and your turning out some really great flies. Well done all around.

That's high praise, and although I'm a participant, I have to agree. Excellent streamers everyone! Thank you.

I was the last member to join this swap, primarily as an unrequested favor to OMJ to retard Mumbles post count on at least one thread, but am I ever glad I did.

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