OK guys i am knew to this forum. I am looking to buy a raft when i move to new mexico. I have been looking at maravia, NRS, and aire. SO have at it what is the best raft for fly fishing? has to be a raft though, not looking to get a cataraft, or pontoon.
Heath :beer2:
Sotar, Maravia, NRS, Aire, Avon. There are a bunch of good ones. There are a few rafting forums that you can browse for insight on the various brands, materials, repair, service etc. Personally, I'd be happy with any of the above.
I have a Sotar 14' raft with a NRS frame it is the one in my avatar and if you look in my gallery pics you will see it set up with the complete frame.
It is a great boat.
jesse clark
The pic in my gallery with the dog is the Sotar. It is 14' has 20" diminishing tubes and a self bailing floor. The boat is called an Elite if you go to Sotars website you can get more info. The Frame is a NRS fishing frame go to the NRS site and you will see lots of details about it.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I haven't shopped rafts in awhile. But if you want a fishing raft, go for an outfitter series raft. Usually a flatter waterline. Giving you more stability for standing and fishing. Get too much rocker in your hull (too much rake front and back) you will be a bit tipsy. It sucks, but no such thing as a perfect boat. You'll be more responsive with some of the more rocker hulled models. But you trade off how well they sit. I do remember a company who made a raft that had a cataraft type hull. Can't remember who it was, but was pretty sweet. Had a long hull, but still had the curved bow to bite through runs. Not sure if it ever made full production or not.

I always like the Maravia rafts. Used quite a few of them before I got into catarafts. Still wouldn't mind another one. Mostly for fishing.

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