Dry Falls

How is Dry Falls this time of year to fish? I know that some of the lakes in the eastern part of the state get too low, and/or too warm to fish, is this the case at Dry Falls? I will be in Coulee City for a week in the end of July and would like to take the oppertunity to fish there! Any info and/or options would be greatly appreciated......

Thanx !!! :thumb
I would skip it. You might be able to catch some fish very early or very late, or by fishing very deep under the falls, but the fish won't have any fight in them, and you'll likely kill them.

Rocky Ford, about a hlf hour south, will probably fish alright, especially early and late. You could also try stalking some carp in the shallow coves on Banks Lake.
FISH ON!!!:dunno Wow not very many replies... Thank you for your info Ray it is appreciated. I was also thinking of Grimes, what do you know about that one, or am I looking at the same problems there also???

Thanx Bart.....:thumb

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