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Clint F

Fly Fishing Youth
Ok I would like to host a resident coho swap. I am thinking 10 tiers so thats 9 flies each. Do your favorite fly for resident coho. The deadline is Feb 1st. Let me know if you are in and what you are tying.

Clint- Cream euphisid Recieved
Connor H- pink over white epoxy head baitfish
ringlee- amphipod Some recieved
Gigharborflyfisher- pseudo slider Recieved
Jim Speaker- breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner recieved
Eric Tarcha- chum babies Recieved
michaels-peach and white baitfish tube pattern recieved
Mumbles-Deceiver Recieved
robast- floating sand lance Recieved
zach m- money shrimp Recieved

This will be my first swap, so I'll have to look up the details re sending them and so on. Do I have this straight, I'd only need to tie and send 9 flies?

I'll add my favorite fly (I've only fished a few so far but this one rocks...)

Epoxy-head Olive over Chartreuse bucktail over UV crystalflash over white/UV angel hair - I dunno what to call it except "breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner"

Ed Call

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Okay, the more I tie the more I learn. I'm in. I just checked the hackle drawers and I have some plain olive and olive grizzley as well as some plain maroon and maroon grizzley. I will tie a deciever variation with a black head and collar that flow back over the hackle feathers for the body. Anyone got a color preference? I know the olive is pretty standard, but the maroon could be a good change of pace color that many of us might not be carrying. I found this variant of Lefty's Deceiver in one of Poul Jorgensen's books.

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