kennedy creek

I was fishing kennedy creek for chums and all the people were starting to bug me. I know you cannot salmon fish above 101 but do you think they would give you a ticket if you were fishing for steelhead above the bridge while the chums are in? I did not because a guy said it would be $200 tivket, but i'm kind of curious. Thanks.


As the Regs would say. It's open until feb 28 2002. But not for Salmon. I think the guy that told you that probly thought that the area in question was closed but it's not. I have a silly question. When people get their fishing license's don't they also get the Regs. How come nobody reads them. I take them with me all the time, and read them so I know I'm legal. JS :TT I'm sorry I meant to say It's open to the Falls above hiway 101. But not for salmon. Unless the Dept of F&W closed it.


AKA Beadhead
The way I understand it is they would look at you your gear to determine what your fishing for. I think a flyrod would automatically qualify you as a trout (steelhead) fisherman. You may have a hard time convincing a F&W person that you were fishing for SRC in the off season in the Sound with herring and a dodger though:)