Pattern My new Partridge and Green

ShadKing, just do a reply and post the PDF man... I'm running word 2k3 and about to hang it up for the night so I'm not down for downloading installing etc (if the add-in is even compatible with 2003...) :) But if you got it post it man. Cheers.

colton rogers

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preston great link, i love ring neck pheasant feathers but some of them are too long so i only used them on big patterns. now i can tie any size with them:D


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Big soft hackle fan. Preston thanks for tip regarding feather size. Most of my soft hackles are 14 or smaller and difficult to find small feathers

Mike Etgen

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I looked at this a couple of months ago and filed away the idea, then came back to it today, using one of my many "too large" teal flank feathers.

This one is tied on a size 12 Dia-Riki 270. Once I get the proportions consistently right I'll drop to 14s.

I also used Preston's suggestion from a sample fly photo I submitted last week and cut this one down in file size.