Lightweight, sweet, Deschutes cannon?


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how about one MORE rod for you...sounds like youre already familiar with the t&t's, so give the new 12'6'' 6wt a shot. its got plenty of balls for that nice calm upstream breeze on the D, and its a much deeper progressive flex than the 1206 and the 1307. its got that passive aggressive recovery, as in you feel it into the cork, and then WHAM...its out like trout.


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Whats wrong with the 1307-3 T&T you wrote about in the skagit compact thread? If you are feeling that is a little too much rod, and like the fast action T&T's, drop down to the 1206-3 with a CND GPS 5/6 line.

I love the 1307 T&T and while it is pretty light-in-hand, I feel it is closer to an 8wt. than a 7wt. The rod is just a bit "beefier" than I prefer for your typical smaller Deschutes steelies. It is tremendous when paired with a Skagit 570gr. and and AFS 520. Just looking for a rod that has great "fightability" but still packs a punch.

All these recs. sound good. I'll have to cast a few rods and possibly make a trek to the Sandy Spey Clave this May.

Thanks for all the great info.



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So, I may be in the market this summer for a sweet, light-in-the-hand DH rod that would be great on med.-larger rivers and would be for floating line work only (most likely with a Scandi setup). The keys here are light and powerful. Since most of the Deschutes fish are your typical 6-10 pounders (this summer was an exception) I'm not looking for a meat stick. Just something that's fun, powerful and light.

The LPXe promoted by GR8LAKES_FLYER in post #8 is quite an impressive lightline stick. The lines he listed give an accurate feel for the Euro 7/8 line class rating. Possible Irish Angler or RedShed might have a demo rod available.

Good Luck..
Scierra HMSv2 13' 8/9wt (6/7 in us line wt.). Very nice, fast, light and powerful rod. I use a 400grn. scandi head.
Ooooooh !!!

That is the rod I was searching for !!!!
Then Scierra pulled out before I could get one ...... I'm jealous ..... however I did manage to get my paws on two of it's bigger brothers !! The 13'7'' 9/10 HMSvII and the 14'8'' 9/10 HMSvII :thumb:(like a 7/8 and 8/9 US line wt. respectively) . The Guideline LPXe series was the closest I could find to the Scierra's .
After casting and swinging the 12'6'' 7/8 LPXe , I'm glad I found it !!

Hi Chromeseeker,
If you don't need a sweet little rod right now and going to the Sandy River Speyclave, wait and try a couple out there, i know there is a little 12ft rod that i have tried out, that its going to be launched at the Clave... and this thing will blow the rest away, it is just AWESOME, not finished yet, but i hear its going to be there with its bigger brothers.
Really light but power like no other 12ft rod i have ever tried.

Will Atlas

I have a 13'4'' 6/7/8 solstice that is great on those little fish. It is a little soft I think to be a really good scando rod I think, I use a 7/8 delta with a floating tip.

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Aaron has a 12'6" LPXe 7/8 for sale now on Ebay. Will probably go for a steal.
I have the same rod in 8/9 and like it. (The European ratings are a size over ours so the 7/8 is more like our 6/7). But for a big river dryline rod nothing beats my 16' 6/7/8 Highlander!!


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Dan, if I didn't have too many light rods already I'd be hounding Aaron for that little LPXe.
My 12'6" 5/6 Deer Creek would be a sweet little rod too, maybe a skosh light.

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I have a 13'4'' 6/7/8 solstice that is great on those little fish. It is a little soft I think to be a really good scando rod I think, I use a 7/8 delta with a floating tip.
Second on that rod.. Fantastic little rod that will be just fine with Scandi or short belly work....

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