puyallup sportsmens show

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
i looked on the website today and no seminars are posted, I've gone to it in years past but i don't know what kind of fly fishing related things they have their. is it worth going? if any of you have booths, tell me where your at and ill try to find you.
Since you have went before you know that it does not really go for the fly fisherman. I would wait till the Bellevue Meydenbauer Center show Feb 6-8. At least it patterns to the fly fisherman IMHO. Better chance to cast rods and talk to local dealers and guides. Miss the old shows in the KING DOME and KEY ARENA. Days of the past. That really shows my age.

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
thanks, it kind of does show your age because i thought they just played music thier and didn't they get blown up or something like that. jk i will probably go then, but i don't remember last years show and that was less then a year ago


They'll have a flycasting pond and many of the flyshops/manufacturers will have a presence there. Usually some demonstrations of tying, destinations, etc and complete with a few ff'ing 'celebrities'.

If you're offended by gear anglers or hunting, it's not the place to go. If that's not a problem, I've always found the flyfishing to be worth the trip. Usually end up with a bag of tying goodies not available at my regular-stop shops.

just .02,


colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
hey I'm not offended i haven't been fly fishing that long, and before that was bait fishing you know worms power bait. i started fly fishing b/c if i know how i can fish places that are fly fishing only plus its a lot of fun I'm just broadening my options. ps i like fly fishing a lot more, its more hands on and natural.
A Sportsman show was where I first looked at fly rods for the first time. I thought at the time who would spent $200 plus for a rod to catch little old trout. I thought at the time man those St Criox rods are expensive. One year later I had the first fly rod that I owned though I had fished with my dad's a time or two before that. Now many/ many expensive rods since including 3 St Criox rods still in my hands, a $200 rod that looked so expensive looks like a pretty good buy compared to some.

Tom Johnston

Been around a while
Our fly club Puget Sound Flyfishers will be there all 5 days. They will have 2 people man the booth every day. There will be fly tying demos and talks.

colton rogers

wishin' i was fishin'
thanks tom i looked on the website that runs the show and they don't have a posting of when the seminars are, when they said they would post @ the beginning of the year. I'm gone that weekend building igloos, so ill have to go after school when i don't have to work. but i hope i can come and see you guys, do you know what building your in?