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I'll be flying into Wa from Detroit on Friday morn and was hoping someone could advise me on where to do some fly fishing. I'll be staying in a small town southeast of Seattle called Buckley. If anyone is familiar with the area and knows some nearby fishing, I'd be interested in any information that could be given. Thanks in advance.

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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Dec-27-00 AT 02:45 PM (PST)[/font][p]Option 1 (35 minute drive, you need waders)
Hit the Snoqualmie Middle Fork. Year round catch and release, It's a 35 minute drive from Buckley.

From Buckley, head up to Enumclaw.
Take 169 to Highway 18
Highway 18 North to I-90
I-90 East to North Bend, exits 30, 32 or 34

Reference map below, green circles with my suggestions on where to go. Ignore the South & North Forks as they are at this point closed waters. The Middle Fork is a swift stream exiting snow melt and area mtn run off so river flows will flux. Hopefully you hit it a good time.

This river is the close choice. It's not known for big fish, it's known for local fish. It produces fish in the 7-13 inch area with a few larger fish you should not expect to see. At this time of the year try smaller nymphs (pheasant, hairs ears), big stone flies (not huge, black) and if the weather is good you might see a small hatch of mayflies (olive).

Option 2 (90 minute drive, you need waders)
The Yakima River, our Blue Ribbon stream. Year round catch and release.

Same directions, keep going past North Bend. You will go over a pass, expect winter driving conditions. 5 miles past Snoqualmie Pass I-90 at various points has access off the freeway to the river. Reference the maps page listed below for access points. I would suggest (It's a bit further) map areas 10, 11 & 12 which is in the Canyon. You would take the Ellensburg exit off I-90 and head South. 3 miles and your in the canyon.

The Yak is the bigger fish, not the local fish although it's not that bad of a drive and it's worth it. The river flow is down making the entire river accessible by foot.

Reports - located on this forum under "The Evening Hatch Guide Service"
[|Snoqualmie Pass Conditions]
[|Yakima River Maps]
[|General Hatch Information]

Good luck, tight lines.


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I’d suggest Cedar River on a trip up to the Snoqualmie forks as mentioned above, Cedar has been turning up some decent size fish. Other close rivers are either severely low (Green) or a muddy mess (White, Puyallup, Carbon?).

But if you can spare the long trip, the Yakima is the best trout fishing in the state that is close to you, yields large fish, multiple access points and has plethora of fly shops to point you in the right direction.

If you’re the hiking fishing type there are some great ones to the east of you as well.


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When I lived in Seattle I found myself out in Tanner WA frequently accessing the river. Fish were 10-12in at max but wide water allowed for easy casting wading.


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Wow I do not usually check dates because the other forum I am a member of this never happens. Is this normal for this forum? Sort of sad.

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