grays harbor steelhead?

Ok, I live in Hoquiam and normally don't fish in my own community. I confess! I have never caught a steelhead on a fly. I normally fish on the eastside and I'm addicted to Mexico flyfishing. Got my Grand Slam ( twice ) in Mexico. Several 20" Rainbows. Including a memorable Pig on the Henry's Fork. Sooooooooooooo, now I need help. Where can I drop my boat ( small inflatable w/ rowing frame ) close by to swing or nymph. I am going to make an honest effort in these next 2 months to catch my first steel. I'm going out on Saturday no matter what. Any suggestions re; put ins & take outs would be appreciated on any rivers. The Wynoochee shows good catch records over the years, but I might want a little more solitude. I hear that their are several guides pounding pretty good this week.

Thanks in advance to all. I will respond with areport.

thanks, Jim
If you are looking for a guide on the OP, contact Doug Rose in Forks. He is an excellent walk-in guide and has a web site. Also, you have a lot of rivers in Grays Harbor - and Pacific counties that host steelhead, all of which are listed in your Washington fishing regulations pamphlet. Check it out under "Westside Rivers".
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Smells like low tide.
flyrod2, Are you going alone and hiring a shuttle, or floating with someone else? The weekends get more traffic on the rivers, so I personally prefer to do any floats mid-week. I haven't floated the Wynoochee this season, and only floated the Satsop twice during Fall.
You might find the latest scuttlebutt about any river hazards on the Piscatorial Pursuits forum, as those things get discussed there.
Earlier this Winter there was a tree just downstream from Black Creek on the 'Nooch that was causing some minor concern, leaving a skinny pass on river left, but really didn't look that hard to go around. I saw some pics that were posted then, but don't know what it looks like now.
For first time floats on the Wynoochee, I'd go either from White Bridge (or for a slightly shorter float, "Crossover" Bridge") to Black Creek, or do the lower river from Black Creek to the Chehalis R. (have to row upstream there a little bit for the takeout, at Marys River Logging, in South Montesano where Hwy 107 crosses the Chehalis, but that's easy).
For a really short float, you can go from White Bridge to Crossover.

The float I like on the Satsop would be better if there weren't ALWAYS some local bank bait fishermen already sitting on the best holes and runs by the time we float to them. Of course, I haven't been on the oars during those late arrivals, but was a passenger in my friends driftboat. Doing the float myself, I would launch in the pre-dawn darkness, and waste no time heading to the first really good water. My gear would have been pre-rigged the night before, so I would not have to waste valuable time anchoring up to screw around with it. I would not even look at the marginal water, as that would surely ruin my chances, no matter how slim anyway, to get first water at some better runs. I would blow right thru the marginal water as fast as I could, and hope (there's been a lot of talk about "hope" lately) that I get a first crack at a decent run or two.. That sums up the nature of the competition there.:(

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