Swap Blackmouth/resident coho swap

Hi Clint,
If you still have room for this swap I like to get in with a orange conehead squid.
This fly has been killing the Coho and Cutthroat up here on the North Kitsap.

Ed Call

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I'll take that spot. I've been pondering what to tie, but it will likely be a baitfish imitator. I've got some new hackle feathers that might do nicely when dressed with a arctic fox head/overwing. We have ten, right?

Ed Call

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If you don't want to expand to eleven tyers you can give Sean K my spot to keep it at ten. I won't mind. If he's in we all just have to tie one extra. I can live with either one.


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I'm just waiting for some more popper heads to come in from Angler Workshop. I'll be ready for a shipping address soon.

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